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Roanoke Area GE Retirees Links
Local Data
Data Regarding this site Letter, (modified), from Clive Hillyard re. volunteer project registration about 8/2006
Book Review - "GE Retirees Tell Tales" List of local GE retiree Addresses and Phone numbers
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Lunch Meetings by Local Retirees
Edison Tech Center in Schenectady PC Volunteer Opportunities

GE Related Sites mostly related to benefits
Towers Watson's OneExchange GE Benefits - "Single Sign ON" or SSO
GE Benefits Site (SSO Required) GE Benefits Toll-free phone Numbers
Retiree benefits Phone Directory Additional phone numbers
Medicare web site CVS Caremark web site
United Healthcare web site Blue Cross of Alabama web site
Elfun Spousal Check-off List Retirees Home Page on GE site
State Street local advisers Repair of GE Service award Items
Long Term Care Options GE-Health choice
GE Vision Care Benefits site Letter by H Matanovic re SilverSneakers, 3/5/2015
LifeMart (SSO Required)

GE Matching Gifts Program Files
Letter of 5/28/05 by Gerry Bijwaard re matching gift program Link - GE WEB Site related to Matching Gifts
How to make a matched gift How an organisation confirms receipt of a gift.
Approved Local List with links List of 501 C3 organisations, including Tax IDs
Other disaster relief information GE Foundation Payout Schedule
Charity Watch Charity Navigator

Some history files related to the GE Salem Plant
Some Early plant history, rev 2006