GE Employee Product Purchase Plan


The GE Employee Product Purchase Plan is available to eligible employees in participating locations only. Before making your purchase, please, check with your local HR manager to determine your eligibility. Discounts do not apply to friends or family who are not your dependents. For your purchase to qualify, the product must be purchased for use in your own home. GE Appliances does not administer this plan and or determine eligibility. For this reason, we cannot offer the immediate discount on your purchase. More complete details can be found on the GE Benefits site at under the tool bar entitled "Taking Care of Yourself & Your Family" (left side of page).

You can apply for your employee discount electronically on the store with all eligible purchases or via mail by following the simple instructions below. Further details are available from the GE Benefits site described in the previous paragraph.

The Employee Product Discount posted may change as the price of some models change. The amount you receive could be different $5.00 to $10.00maximum either way.

Apply On-Line:

1. After you purchase an item click on the banner on the top right corner of the receipt page.

2. Complete the screen that pops up.

3. Click on the submit button.

4. You will receive the EPPP in your regular paycheck, or receive a check 3-5 weeks.

Enter Order Number and click button to apply for EPPP:  

Apply via the mail:

1. Print an additional copy of your receipt to mail to the address below.

2. Write the following information on the receipt after the product is delivered: Your name and current address Delivery date and delivery address Your social security number

3. Send the receipt with the above information written in to the address below within 90 days of delivery. No forms are required.

GE Product Purchase Plan
P.O. Box 534156
St. Petersburg, FL 33747-4156

4. After verification of eligibility, reimbursement will usually be included with your regular paycheck. If you cancel your order after filing for your employee purchase discount, you must contact payroll to advise them of the cancellation. Failing to do so may cause ineligibility for future purchases.

GE Product Purchase Plan

Through the GE Employee Product Purchase Plan, you can receive discounts from the Company for buying certain new Company products for use in your own home, or by your dependents.

Who is eligible?
Generally, your eligibility for the GE Employee Product Purchase Plan ends when you leave the Company. However, you continue to be eligible if:

  • You retire directly from the Company with a Company pension (Plant Closing Pension Option recipients with less than 25 years of Pension Qualification Service are not eligible for continued participation); or
  • You have 25 or more years of continuous service or Pension Qualification Service when:
    - Your continuous service ends after one year on layoff; or
    - You are terminated because of a plant closing or a transfer to a successor employer.

Other employees who leave the Company before retirement, including those with a vested pension, are not eligible to continue participating in the GE Employee Product Purchase Plan. In addition, employees with 25 or more years of continuous service who were terminated due to a job-loss event on or before June 27, 1988, are not eligible for the plan.

For your surviving spouse
Your spouse may be eligible for continued participation after your death if you had more than 10 years of continuous service and your spouse is:

  • Receiving payments from the GE Pension Plan; or
  • Covered under a Company medical plan.

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How does the plan work?
The discounts available to you under the plan vary by product and model. In general, discounts range from $5 to $730.

For your purchase to qualify, the product must be purchased for use in your own home. Your own home is defined as your primary residence or a secondary residence if it is maintained primarily for your own use and not as an investment. You may also receive a discount on an appliance purchased for a dependent if you claim that dependent for income tax purposes under IRS rules.

If you return or dispose of the product in less than six months, you must repay the full discount to the Company, unless you give the product to an eligible dependent.

The Company reserves the right to verify, through home inspection, that you purchased the product for your own use (or for an eligible dependent).

In a 36-month period, you can receive a discount on a maximum of:

  • Two microwave ovens;
  • Two water filtration systems;
  • Four room air conditioners; and
  • One model from each of the following major appliance categories:
    - Compactor
    - Dehumidifier
    - Dishwasher
    - Disposal
    - Dryer
    - Freezer
    - Icemaker
    - Oven (built-in)
    - Range cook top/hood (built-in)
    - Range or built-in cooking center
    - Range accessories
    - Refrigerator
    - Refrigerator (compact)
    - Refrigerator (accessories)
    - Washer
    - Washer/dryer (compact)
    - Water softener

Eligible Company products are sold under several brand names, such as GE, Hotpoint, Monogram and Profile. The list of eligible products and models is subject to change from time to time.

Discounts are not available on all models, so you'll need to verify that you have selected one that is eligible. In addition, discounts are not available on consumer electronics products, such as radios, clocks, videocassette recorders or televisions that have the GE or RCA logo.

Current product information and discount amounts are available online or from the GE Answer Center at 1-800-626-2000, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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How do I get the discount?

  1. From, you can link to the online GE Appliance Store, where you can review the products available, make your purchase and apply for your GE Employee Product Purchase discount.
  2. Alternatively, you can purchase GE Appliances directly from the retail dealer of your choice or from your builder if you are building a new house. If you purchase from a dealer or through your builder, complete all the terms of the sale and delivery with the dealer or builder. Include the original receipt or invoice from the dealer or a statement from your builder on the builder's letterhead. The invoice or statement must include:
    - Your name and current address;
    - The dealer's or builder's name and address;
    - The products purchased and their complete model numbers; and
    - The installation or delivery date and delivery address.

    Write your Social Security number on the invoice. If the product was purchased for you by a builder, include the date you took title to the house.

  3. No forms are required. Send the above information within 90 days of delivery (or 90 days from the date you take title to the house) to GE Product Purchase Plan, P.O. Box 534156, St. Petersburg, FL 33747-4156. If you have any questions about how reimbursements are processed, call 1-800-992-0406, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

After verification of eligibility, a reimbursement check will be sent to your home

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