GE Benefits - "Single Sign ON"  or SSO  rev 05/02/2014

GE Single Sign On (SSO) -- a Company wide security and navigation initiative.

GE now maintains a lot of up-to-date information on their own servers regarding employee and retiree benefits including the matching gifts programs.

A full explanation of SSO can be reached at

To access your own data on these sites you will need your SSO number which is really an account number. The number can be used as a user ID  # but does not have to be. A Password  created by you is used with the User Id to allow you to gain access to benefits web sites.

You first have to obtain a "Single Sign On "  (SSO) capability. This consists of a User name (can be a number) and password.

Instructions for doing this are at the GE benefits website :

You will need your social security # ,  PIN # and mother's month and day of birth to obtain SSO capability.

Help is available at 866 708 9919. You may have to call that number when you are at your computer and have the person talk you through the process.