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We have tried to keep this site as simple as possible so that maintaining it will not be burdensome. The intent is to provide useful information to GE Retirees living in the Roanoke Area or who once worked at the Salem plant.

The present webmaster is Tom Skelly and comments or suggestions should be sent to him preferably by email.
If you have changes or corrections to the list of retirees please send them to Emil Kuelz.  Emil  will update the list and forward it to Tom Skelly for uploading to the site. 

The home page is a list of links to other pages. You should be able to return to the home page at any time by using the "Back" button on your browser.
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Special Note on 8/03/2018 regarding the retiree list posted on this site:
Gerry Bijwaard passed away on 7/19/2018. Gerry had maintained the list of retirees for many years.  Emil Kuelz has volunteered to take over the task of periodically bringing the list up to date. You can send him revisions at

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